As on November, 2019 there are 25 companies in Ukraine possessing Wind Power Plants (WPP), the cumulative capacity of such plants being 1064.4 MW of electric power. Today the "green tariff" for the WPP set into operation after January 01, 2015 is 0,1017 €/kW*hour (0,0905 €/kW*hour since 2020). The more information about the effective WPPs and the "green tariff'' amount you can see on the National Regulatory Commission in the Sphere of Energy Utilities (NRCEU) website.

While planning to implement a WPP construction project, one should take into account the following factors determining the project success:

  • Measuring and estimation of wind resources (in an ideal scenario – certified measuring of wind potential power) and, as a result, electric power production indexes forecast;
  • Availability of the local environment for the production to be located and access to the construction site;
  • The project environmental effect;
  • Ability to get connected to the power supply system;
  • Equipment (availability on the market, terms of delivery to the construction site, etc.);
  • Construction management;
  • Other factors predetermining technical and economic prerequisites of the production startup.

The project development budget on a 'turn-key' basis will be approximately € 1500 per 1 MW of the rated capacity on the average. The rate of return, as well as other investment indexes of the project efficiency, depend mainly both upon the capital costs amount and upon the construction site location, the latter predefining the average of the wind speed rate as the major factor affecting the WPP electric power generation.

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