The Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility (USELF) is an investment programme totalling up to EUR 140 mln implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to facilitate implementation of renewable energy projects in Ukraine.

The investment projects are analysed by the EBRD based on the information provided by the borrowing companies, including feasibility study and business plan. Technical consultants evaluate the project, and provide the EBRD with the report on the technical, environmental and financial indicators of promising projects and render engineering support to the companies.


  • estimated interest rate of 7-9% per annum;
  • loans extended in the amount of EUR 2.5 to 15 mln for the period up to 12 years;
  • USELF project cycle is at least 6-12 months until the first tranche availability, depending on the project stage;
  • funds are made available upon disbursement of investments in the amount of at least 40% of the total project financing;
  • the pledge is the company’s share, assets, property rights under the master agreements entered into within the project’s framework, and the funds on the company’s accounts; additional pledge is not required;
  • in-depth examination of technical, economic, legal, commercial and environmental solutions for the project is conducted.


For projects:

  • financial viability;
  • substitution of electric energy generated using conventional energy sources;
  • use of positively proven technologies and equipment;
  • compliance with environmental requirements;
  • amount of loan funds provided by the EBRD starts from EUR 2.5 mln, which will be equal to 60% of the project cost.

For companies implementing projects:

  • private ownership, registration and operation in Ukraine;
  • abstinence from activities included in the EBRD exceptions list (production and trade of tobacco, alcohol, etc.);
  • goodwill of the company and its owners;
  • availability of funds for equity participation in the project (at least 40% of the project cost);
  • availability of sufficient financial structure (including sufficient assets to secure the proposed loan).

Contact us and NECGroup experts will prepare for you a complete set of required documents and provide support at all stages of USELF project cycle.