As on November, 2019 there are 12 companies in Ukraine using  biomass power plants, the cumulative capacity of such plants being actually 63.4 MW of electric power (save for the second phase of Ivankivs'ka TPP). Today the "green tariff" for the bio-TPP set into operation after January 01, 2015 is 0,1238 €/kW*hour. The more information about the effective bio-TPP and the "green tariff'' amount you can see on the National Regulatory Commission in the Sphere of Energy Utilities (NRCEU) website.

While planning to implement a bio-TPP construction project, one should take into account the following factors determining the project success:

  • Quantity, availability and cost of fuel provision all over the year;
  • Fuel quality (heat output, content of moisture, ashes, etc.);
  • Availability of alternative fuels;
  • Tradability of the heat produced on the bio-HPP to the final consumer;
  • Biomass combustion technologies efficiency;
  • Ability to connect to power supply system.

The project development budget on a 'turn-key' basis will be approximately € 2200 per 1 MW of the rated capacity on the average. The rate of return, as well as other investment indexes, depend both upon the capital costs amount and the entry cost of the raw materials amounting to 70 % of the total project operating costs.

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