FINTECC is financed by the EBRD and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). GEF provides grants for environmental technology projects acting as partner of 183 countries, international institutions, NGOs and the private sector.

FINTECC provides companies in Ukraine with various technical support.

In-house experts of the EBRD in the field of energy and water-use efficiency study the potential of energy industry, water resources and materials in course of their cooperation with the customers and help to determine how to give them the best support for of investment opportunities’ implementation.

International experts may conduct audits of resource efficiency (if required), thus helping companies to prioritize sustainable investment in resource efficiency and determine the technical and financial feasibility of implementing specific technologies.

The preliminary estimate provides for spending about USD 8 mln for direct support and additional USD 3.5 mln to support implementation of FINTECC programme in Ukraine.

Finding investment for support and promotion:

  • Incentive grants for specific technologies with low market penetration are aimed to encourage pioneers in investing in environmental technologies. These incentive grants will be available exclusively for private companies’ projects funded directly by the EBRD. Incentive grants will support 20 projects between 2014-2018.
  • Technical support to the end-users of technology to assist in identification of viable investment in environmental technologies and adaptation of methods to reduce energy and resources consumption. Technical support can also be used to facilitate horizontal transfer of technology and innovation in environmental technologies sector.

Please contact NECGroup and we will gladly help you join FINTECC to attain investment support.