NECGroup renders to the clients the new service – choosing of technology and equipment for projects implementation in the sphere of alternative energy. Developers consider very often the using of cheap technologies, it allows decreasing of capital investments and, as a result, it makes payback period shorter. However, such approach can be not always repaid.   For credit and finance enterprises it is necessary to use reliable technologies and equipment which are acknowledged to be of good quality and have satisfactory reference list.  

The ecological friendliness is very important for BioTPP and Small HPP; they shall have the minimum influence at ambient and social environment. Not every technology can assure it. 

SPP, WPP projects can be implemented with local compound, due to this fact "green" tariff will be increased to 5% (10%) for this object, so, it will have a positive impact on project's economy.

Biogas complexes use special anaerobic fermentation technology; it can be reached by means of different technologies depending on the raw materials, temperature, operation modes and stages of anaerobic fermentation process.  The selection of biogas technology and equipment is not easy, so NECGroup experts are ready to provide you with consultation regarding the baseline technical characteristics, raw materials and other conditions.

Using our consulting services you save your time and money for searching of necessary decisions.