Project promoters and developers often rely on attracting additional investments therein in the course of the project implementation.

One of the project investments attracting options is obtaining the borrowed funds in the form of the debt obligations having the deadline and unconditionally refundable. The regular interest calculation in the creditor's favor is usually provided for.

There are several financial institutions ready to provide funding to the projects meeting all necessary requirements.

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has worked out the special USELF Program providing that alternative power industry projects can obtain funding up to 60 % of the total project budget according to the project financing principles, the details see here.

The NECGroup team is ready to render you the assistance in attracting funds to your projects, as well as to approach the vested interests and to develop all the required instruments giving the primary impression to prospective loanors/investors as to your project.

Please, pay your attention to the below listed services while searching for the 'green' project financing: